Friday, August 20, 2010

(more) TED on games as a way to make change

I posted earlier (here and here) about sustainability and using games to try to change peoples' behaviors toward the more sustainable.

Following is a TED video about that same topic (driving behavior changes with games) from someone whose work it is to drive business by getting people to play games that require interaction with the real world: in this case the companies that want you to visit them and buy their products.

Key take aways for me:
  • Last decade was the decade of social. This is the decade of games.
  • With 7 dynamics, you can get people to do anything.
  • Four dynamics presented in the video (the other 3 are "secret" so that the speaker still has a competitive advantage at the end of the talk :P).
    • Appointment dynamic = Do something at a certain time and place.
    • Influence and status = Offer things that convey social status
    • Progression dynamic = Offer a definition of "100% complete" and track progress against it. Level-up.  Unlock rewards over time.
    • Communal discovery = Everyone works together to achieve a common goal.